tr-606 extension box

My new 606 mod. I included some features that I think are new to the world.

Cymbal and open hihat got an attack/decay envelope which is fully sensitive to velocity. This gives you independent control over the attack and decay times and the volume of the instrument.

Also I added a ring mod variant to the existing six hihat/cymbal oscillators using XORs. Gives you a great range of metallic sounds.

Audio soon to come…


-Open Hihat attack, decay [velocity sensitive!!]
-Cymbal attack, decay [velocity sensitive!!]
-Control pitch of two oscillators for the cymbal and hihat metal sound
-Chose hihat sound to be, oscillators, two oscillators with ringmod, four oscillators with ringmod, mix
-Adjust hihat highpass
-Adjust cymbal highpass
-Adjust hihat+cymbal bandpass
-Adjust cymbal bandpass
-Low tom pitch
-Switch tom noise
-Snare noise amount
-Snare tune
-Snare decay
-Snare highpass filter