We are specialized in repairing vintage analogue and digital synthesizers and drum machines.

Of course we also install all our mods

We also have years of experience in modifying and customizing gear. Note however that developing new mods is very time intensive and hence expensive.

Tubbutec is based in Berlin Wedding. You can also send us your gear, but please read this post first.

Our rates are 60€ / hour + 19% VAT.

Repairing synths is 90% finding the cause of a fault and 10% actually repairing it. We can give you a quote for 30€ + VAT. If you decide to have it repaired the 30€ will not be extra but included in the working time. In some cases however, finding the fault takes longer. In such cases we will investigate until we found the cause of the fault or a certain time limit is reached.
For some work we can give you a free quote. Examples are basic repairs like fixing broken keys, tuning, servicing and mod install.

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