LC14R – MC-202 transformer/coil replacement

A replacement for the LC-14 transformer used in MC-202 synthesizers, also suitable for the RE-202 project.

The original LC-14 transformer is used in the power supply circuit of the MC-202.It is part of a switching regulator generating +15V and -9V from a +9V input.

The Tubbutec LC14R replacement instead includes a full switching regulator generating +15V and -12V.
The higher negative voltage of -12V is not an issue for the 202 circuit as it is only used as the negative supply voltage of an opamp.

LC14R can be used to directly replace a defective coil in an original MC-202.
When installing it in a RE-202, several external parts can be omitted, reducing cost, sourcing issues and saves a bit of time soldering.