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    i have another short question:

    if i want to use two channels for midi to cv (pitch and gate) but i also want to have the velocity of those midi notes,
    i then need to use channel 3 and 4 for the velocity. but how do i tell the utune, that the cycle, poly, stack etc behavior
    should affect only channel 1 and 2 and not channel 3 and 4 as well?
    i hope you understand what i mean, i tried it, but channel 3 and 4 always where in the polyphonic loop, if i force utune to only 2 channels then obviously 3 and 4 wont output velocity…how can i solve this?



    Well they way it is supposed to work:
    Only group channels 1,2 in one midi channel. (say midi channel 1)
    (In midi input config, midi in channel)
    Set the other channels to an unused midi channel or OFF.
    configure channel 3 cv-out as ‘velocity, from channel 3’ and do the equivalent for channel 4



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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