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    I have two tubbutec modules in my modular rack to tune 4 modular synth with the sequencer (stillson hammer) . Works great!
    But I can´t manage to adresss my Behringer Model D via MIDI.
    Firmware 1.12. Elektron sequencer. Or Keystep.
    Midi passes thru but isn’t affected by the microtonal scales.
    Can anyone please give me a step by step configuration help ?!

    thank you


    Super stoked for a stable firmware 2.0 and appreciate that you’re taking the time to get it going. Is there any way to incorporate in the midi tuning via pitchbend a way to scale back the amount of voices from 16? I use a lot of outboard gear that uses the midi guitar protocol that limits the module to 6 channels (mks50) or sometimes 8 (esqm). Would make the midi pitchbend much more versatile.


    If you use CV/Gate to midi conversion, you can set the midi channel for each gv/gate input separately and thus define your voice allocation freely.

    When using Midi2µMidi conversion with sysec tuning, all is happening on one midi channel so no issue here.

    Currently when using midi2µMidi in pitch bend mode, no midi channel transformation or voice allocation is performed. It is on the todo list though.


    Hi Tobi. Did this get fixed?


    Hi….so when you have a midi note with flaoting point, you separate the full part and the floating part, the full part is the midi note, and the floating part is sent as a pitchbend value. The pitchben “bends” the midi value with midicents precision iirc. A midi cent is a 100th of a midi note, and most of the pitch bends are able to finely tune a midi note at that precision.

    prototype pcb assembly

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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