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    Hi, I have an unusual repsonse similar to the one described with one dual expander attached.

    I have HW 18 and Firmware 1.98 loaded and reset to default settings

    On channel three I get cv in reading but no output unless I gate/add voltage to the gate input as well

    other three channels 1,2 and 4 all behave as expected.

    Am I missing something or are you aware of this as a bug.

    Many thanks



    Can you set channel 3 gate input to ‘none’ in simple config and report your findings? thank you


    Hi Thanks for that – when gate in set to none on channel 3, cv in behaves like 1,2 and 4 now although they are set to Gate In – Gate

    In other words – a voltage plugged in cv in is passed through to cv out without the need to gate the input

    Hope that helps


    It looks like there might be an issue with plug-in detection of channel 3.

    This might be caused by:

    – You need to use a mono-cable. Otherwise plug-in detection does not work. Make sure you are using a mono, not stereo cable
    – an actual hardware issue. We have prepared a firmware version that shows the state of the plug-in detection (soon to be a feature). please get in touch via mail and we’ll send it to you for debugging.

    thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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