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    I love my uTune and I love that features are being added over time. I was excited when I saw the “autotrigger” gate feature of FW 1.11 beta.

    However when I started using it I found myself disappointed. Expectations aside, the auto trigger out IGNORES gates on the gate inputs. My first thoughts about autotrigger is that it’s was like the Gate Out feature of the Doepfer A-156…

    So far the auto trigger works like this:

    CV1 -> change -> autotrigger

    While a different way, and possibly more musically useful way of having a change trigger output may be:
    (CV1 Input AND gate in) -> change -> autotrigger.

    In otherwords I feel it’s more useful if the output trigger only changes when the input CV is sampled – ie when the gate input is high.

    tldr The fact that the autotrigger mode completely ignores the gate input isn’t desireable. The gate input feature removes the requirement to have a sample and hold module before the input while the auto trigger feature once again requires a sample and hold on the input for useful gate production.

    Am I crazy to think this way?



    I agree that the feature you are describing is desirable and added it to the todo list.

    Please understand that different people have different use cases and needs. When our beta tester suggested the auto-trigger feature, he only needed this for CV work, so a double (gate in+ auto) mode was never considered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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