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    Hello –

    I recently installed a Unipulse kit into a Korg KR-55B and I’m currently experiencing some issues.

    So far I’ve confirmed that the physical installation is correct (all the wires are soldered correctly, the mod board is getting the correct power, the unit is receiving MIDI information etc.).

    The unit plays normally with all original functions, but the issue is I’m unable to trigger any sounds from MIDI.

    I went through the configuration procedure and noticed the blue light blink when I did it. I double checked that the configuration file was correct. Since the first time I tried the configuration I’ve been unable to repeat my results and the light no longer blinks when I send it.

    Additionally I noticed that the MIDI SYNC switch that I’ve installed (correctly – I double checked this as well) has no effect on whether or not the unit plays when engaged.

    Is it possible that the ATMEGA168PB is frozen or damaged somehow? It would seem like there is nothing happening.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this and successfully troubleshot it?

    Any help or suggestions are very appreciated.



    we are currently in the process of moving to a new location and a bit slow on support. We did receive your message and will reply asap.
    Sorry for the delay.


    I have almost the same issue with my Korg Minipops 7. The unit works as normal with the unipulse off. But with trying to use the unipulse I get no results. No trigger nor sync. I double checked the installation – is ok.
    The blue light is not blinking when I try to send MIDI configuration file (pressing the button for longer then 3 sec didn’t help). The blue LED it is just on. I also think that something is wrong with the board.


    I installed a switch to power off the Unipulse (from the power rail of the Minipops 7 to a switch and the to the VIN+ cable). So when I power up my Minipops 7 with the Unipulse on I have to switch the Unipulse off and then switch it on again. Like a reset. After that it works perfect like it should. Maybe that helps for your KR-55B too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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