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    Hi All,
    Obviously this is possible, but has anyone already paved the way by any chance?
    Would I just order the “normal” version of the kit?
    with thanks.


    You indeed would order the “normal” version, although it is possible that you have to add extra parts during the mod.
    I haven’t even seen this machine before, so I don’t know if there is already one in the wild with an Unipulse mod.
    If you decide to give it a try we would be more than happy if you could give some hints or even instructions for those who come after you.


    Will place an order now, thanks Tobias!

    Some schematics have been posted online: http://zeninstruments.blogspot.com/2017 … matic.html


    Pre-order placed awaiting stock. Thanks again!


    These are the trigger points and config file (attached) that I’ve used. The PB-300 is a beautiful sounding unit. Very much part of the TR-808, TR-606, DR-110 family, but also featuring cheesy casio-style auto accompaniment functions and a simple built-in bass line generator.


    . .


    Hi, thanks a lot this is fantastic!
    I am on holiday, sorry for the late reply..
    I will write a manual when I am back


    This is the only thread that I can find about the PB-300. Does anyone know what kind of signal is the “Bass Note”? the one that goes to R13 (22K). I breadboarded the circuit and feed R13 with a PWM from an Arduino (0-5v). I get a light bass drum sound on the bottom and a sound like a bell on top, if that makes sense. While I was playing with the circuit, I leave a floating wire connected to R13 and the bass sound appeared. The sound changes as I move my hand around the wire. My only reference is a guy playing with a keyboard and the PB-300 on youtube, and the sound is pretty much the same on the video. I will appreciate any help.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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