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    Firmware 2.02 says “Load and save KBM files (only partially supported)” in its’ notes. Is there any documentation for how this works and what is supported?


    Currently parameters like “middle note”, “reference note” or “reference frequency” are supported.
    However mapping keyboard keys to specific notes of a scale is not.

    If you need to map multiple keys to a single note in a scale (e.g. if you have a 7-note scale and want to maintain the octave on a normal keyboard), I recommend to create a scale with 12 notes and multiple entries with the same pitch.

    For reference here is the KBM file format specification


    Thanks, that clears it up, I didn’t realize the mapping menu saves settings as kbm files. I’m going to experiment with creating kbm files and see how that works.

    Ultimately i’d like to be able to have my keystep midi controller C’s become D’s so that my when it “looks” like i’m playing in C i’m playing in D. I’m assuming the best way to do this now is to just change the pitch of my oscillators and play the C scale.

    I mostly play in just intonation, so for instance would be using something similar to Riley’s Albion Tuning and want my 5/4 third to be derived from D not C but would want to play in the E on the midi controller.


    You can also achieve this kind of transposition by changing and “middle volt” parameter. If you use autotuning, you’d also need to change the reference note while keeping the reference pitch

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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