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    Hi guys

    After installing the sh1oh1 the SH is out of tune.
    I must add i replaced the power switch.
    Ive tuned more then 10 sh’s in my life, for some reason i cant tune this one after the mode.
    I get 5.1V from the cpu pin 40.
    Can you please advise




    at which point during the tuning does it fail?

    Please also try the following: Disconnect the green CV wire (pitch bend cv). Perform the tuning. Then reconnect it and perform the pitch bend calibration.

    You can also put the original CPU back in – can you tune it now?


    thank you for fast reply.
    sadly i can test only in the weekend.
    i’ll try what you suggest and update as soon as i can.
    much appreciate the help.

    have a great week



    Have another Q please.

    The 2 resistors that located from the solder part of the cpu, should i remove them when replacing the cpu to the your cpu?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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