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    Hi having a problem with the Sh-1oh1 chip which I have just installed. With the IC installed when I turn the 101 on it is always coming on in Hold mode with light on. I am not able to turn hold off and remains in hold mode with light on the whole time unless I press the one of the arpeggiator buttons up/ down etc. It comes out of hold mode, but the Hold light is still on and it will arpeggiate but not hold. If I then press the Hold button again it will then hold as it should and light still remains on. Anyway it is not working as it should. If I put the original 101 chip in all is OK. My soldering seems ok have checked for shorts and nothing. Also Checked continuity made sure the all pins are running in line down the traces to components and again no problem. Hold light will go off when you turn on sequencer, but will come on again when you hit play. Voltage to IC is spot on and synth had a full service about 2 years ago. Any idea? Photos attached. When I desolded the IC 3rd pin from right on top a bit of the pad came off, but still enough trace for a good solder all checked and OK.


    Sorted after looking at photo seems my soldering not as good as I thought. Top left first pin just needed redoing. Hold button not coming on now


    Hi, glad it is all sorted, and thanks a lot for reporting back. Would have had to spend some time trying to figure out what causes your problem ;

    have fun with the 1oh1 !


    No worries. Been playing with it for the last few hours really nice upgrade. Just deing able to midi sync the sequencer is worth the upgrade for that alone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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