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    Even after calibrating the 101’s the VCO, the pitch is still a little off at the lower and upper registers. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but it’d be neat if the SH-1oh1 had some sort of internal software tuning or calibration table that would scale the VCO more accurately.

    Since there is no input to the CPU from the VCO for feedback of frequency information, the user would pick a few data points (maybe 3-4 octaves of each C note) and adjust those settings to come up with a custom scaling curve. Or perhaps have just a single scale control like the Kenton Pro Solo. Of course this would probably impact the CV outputs which may not be desirable. I know Mutable Yarns takes the approach of outputting precise 1v/oct and the scaling must be done VCO side.



    this could be possible by using the SH-1oh1s pitch bend connection, but I am not sure if its resolution is high enough (it was designed to detune over a quint and not a few cents). I am putting this on the feature list.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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