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    Hi everyone.

    I am trying to control the key transpose button through midi messages but nothing seems to happen. Can somebody help?

    the procedure i did is the following:

    1. enter “up and down” page
    2. activate “send/ receive buttons” by pressing the c note of the internal keyboard

    then i hit the play sequence button from the sh and i send a c1 midi note from ableton . nothing happens. the same with the other midi notes that activate the rest of the buttons such as d0 d#0 etc.

    Am i doing something wrong?



    Abletons midi note labelling may be different than the one in the user manual.

    Key Transpose is not necessarily C1, but the second lowest C you can send yia midi


    thanks a lot. It works fine now!


    Last question: Is there a way to turn off key transpose button externally as well, or the only way is by pressing c note while it is on as it works internally?


    Took me a while to understand your question.

    Everything works as if you were pressing buttons. So no there is no other way

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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