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    Has anyone done the Unipulse mod on either CR5000 or CR8000?

    I just installed mine on CR500 including the additions from the user on this board (i.e. Clave 5+v and Low tom polarity), and I got everything working as it should. Well almost, it seems like the bass drum is lacking just a tiny bit in the low end, so it’s a bit more tight and snappy than when I use the internal sequencer on the CR500. I’ve tried different velocity levels, polarity etc. in the configuration and it’s quite hard to replicate.

    Does anyone have any good input on how I could proceed from here or what the potential ‘issues’ could be?

    All the best


    Totally jealous about that machine with that mod; congrats. Have you contacted tubbutec? They’ve been really responsive when I’ve had questions in the past.


    Agreed, it certainly opens up possibilities! 🙂

    I didn’t contact Tubbutec directly as the website states it’s better to ask in this forum due to 1) faster responses and 2) knowledge sharing – so hopefully Tubbutec or someone else can chip in


    Hi, coincidentally we are currently installing uniPulse in two CR-8000. Will listen closely to the bassdrum and see if we can duplicate your issue..


    Cool – will record some audio tomorrow for comparison (internal sequencer/unipulse triggering)


    Just had a closer look at the configuration and compared to the sounds as triggered by the internal board.

    I’ve changed to ‘open hihat’ to rectangular shape with a max length around 0.3-0.4 as the decay was too long compared to the internal sounds – just if others wanted to do the same.

    The BD is still not quite identical, but it’s not a major issue to be honest.


    Haven’t started but it’s on my agenda. Shouldn’t one be able to scope what the internal sequencer puts out for the BD via a probe?


    Yeah, that’s probably the best next step – will not get time to do it in the coming weeks though, but will do it when I install the separate outputs and report back 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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