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    Hey all. I recently bought the Modypoly (+hi res) chip and started installing it in my polysix. I don’t have any soldering experience, so I was just planning on the basic install of removing the old key assigner chip and adding the new one. The instruction manual recommends removing the old key assigner chip with a flathead screwdriver, but I had some trouble getting one to fit in a way that I would have enough leverage to move it around, plus I was worried about bending the pins on the old board. So I bought an IC chip extractor and gave that a shot.

    However, it seems that the key assigner board is in there really tightly – I’ve pulled on it with as much force as I can use without worrying about damaging the circuit board, and it hasn’t moved even slightly.

    Am I doing something wrong? I’ve looked at a handful installation walkthroughs and FAQs for this and none of them mention any issues with getting the old chip out, so I’m inclined to believe I’m just being a synth mod newbie and missing something obvious. Figured I should ask here before I end up breaking something. Cheers!


    can you post a picture. The IC should be in a socket and easy to extract. A IC extractor is certainly the right tool.


    87xq5Ml (1).jpg


    Got it! Upon further reading I found a few people who actually advised against using a chip extractor as they didn’t provide enough leverage. I hunted around for a slightly bigger screwdriver and after some careful pushing and twisting was finally able to get the old chip out. Sorry for any confusion here, but being my first time at modding a synth I was a bit paranoid, haha. Looking forward to getting the new chip in.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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