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    Hi Tobias,
    First of all, happy new year and bravo for all the great work on this upgrade, my juno is very proud !

    A few days after christmas installation, I am starting to get strange led behaviours when I hit the key transpose button that acts as a “function” key for activating play mods and other options on the juno66.

    Although the red led should stay on when pressed, it is not. Instead I get a slight loss of lighting on all three waveforms button leds

    It only happened after a few days after the juno was upgraded. Everything works fine but this led not working properly puzzles me… I know its only ergonomics but, hey, it helps a lot !

    Do you have any idea to correct this problem ? Is it a false contact somewhere while installing the upgrade ?

    Many thanks !


    this is a common problem with Junos. After 30 years a mechanical stress on the panel boards, traces and/or solder joints break. This often leads to the behaviour you are describing. You can fix the traces by soldering a wire in its place.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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