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    Posting this question here because it could be a good example for others:

    I have installed the components and having a couple of issues since powering up.

    1. The keyboard starts playing straight away, it sounds like a sine wave

    2. When I select a patch the patch is selected ok but the notes are held if I send a midi cntrl 64 > 64 the hold is deactivated and can play as normall

    3. There is an issue with the keyboard playback, The keyboard is missing specific notes. if I play back using midi all notes sound

    Starting from the left

    C 1 is ok
    Db1 is ok
    D 1 is ok
    Eb 1 is ok
    E 1 is ok
    F 1 no sound
    Gb 1 is ok
    G1 is ok
    Ab 1 is ok
    A 1 is ok
    Bb 1 is ok
    B 1 is ok
    C2 is ok
    Db 2 no sound
    D 2 is ok
    Eb 2 is ok
    E 2 is ok
    F 2 is ok
    Gb 2 is ok
    G 2 is ok
    Ab 2 is ok
    A 2 no sound
    Bb 2 is ok
    B 2 is ok
    C3 is ok
    Db 3 ok
    D 3 is ok
    Eb 3 is ok
    E 3 is ok
    F 3 no sound



    sounds like there is maybe trace not correctly soldered. As you can see every 8th note does not work, indicating one trace from the keyboard is not connected and probably causing all issues you are describing. I would guess it is the connection on Pin 32.


    Hello, thanks for the reply I have checked the solder on pin 32 it looks good and I have also given it another solder to see if it fixed the issue which it has not done. I have a copy of the manual and it looks like Pin 32 goes to pin 3 of the Keyboard connector. Should I get continuity if I put my mulitmeter from PIN 32 on the multimeter to Pin 3 of the keyboard connector?

    Any other suggestions gratefully received.





    pin 32 should be connected to pin 10 on IC 57

    You can also try and put back the original CPU, see if the problem persists..


    I am having the exact same problem, I checked continuity between pin32 of the cpu and pin 10 of ic57 and they are indeed connected. I noticed every time I turn on the Juno it starts out with the KEY TRANSPOSE light blinking as well as each of the waveform indicator lights blinking, I cant get into play mode until I turn the arp button on then off again. I went and touched up all my solder joints on the cpu ic socket, plugged the cpu in and started it up, and it didn’t start out in what I assume is config mode (KEY TRANSPOSE flashing) I played a few notes including a dead one and it worked, I played a few more notes and it made a squelching noise sound and reverted to the way it was (every 8th key not triggering and booting into config mode without pressing anything) Also, I noticed that if you put it into mono the note that rings out is one of the dead key notes (for me it is the highest G) Since this is such a similar problem I figured I would revive this instead of posting something new. Sorry to thread jack!


    likefireflies wrote:
    I am having the exact same problem
    So the excact same keys are not working?

    likefireflies wrote:
    I checked continuity between pin32 of the cpu and pin 10 of ic57 and they are indeed connected.
    Also check if they are connected to other pins as well (short)

    likefireflies wrote:
    well as each of the waveform indicator lights blinking,
    Sounds like there is a broken trace on the left panel board

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