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    I have been noticing that the MIDI Filter control on the Polysix does not override the setting of the physical filter knob, but instead augments it’s value based on it’s position, and I realise that my MIDI control cannot control the entire range of the filter, and I am quite confused over what is the issue. A few examples:

    Filter in lowest position: MIDI influence will be able to close the filter 100% (well, until I cannot hear a sound at all) but the MIDI control will not be able to open the filter 100%. If I want to get it right up to the perfectly open filter then I need to ALSO move the physical filter knob to the very highest position. Only at the very, very end of the physical position can I hear that it opens up just the smallest, but very noticeable bit of top end audio.

    Filter in highest position: Much more easy to notice, the MIDI control cannot bring the filter down low enough to actually cut the audio off. If I want that level of cut I need to actually bring the physical filter knob down.

    Is this a user error I am having????




    this is not an error, but the normal behaviour of the ModyPoly. The midi-filter value is added to the existing filter setting.

    The range of the midi filter control is smaller than the full range, because midi controllers only have a resolution of 128 steps and we wanted to counteract a steppy control of the filter.

    It is theoretically possible to alter the range of the filter control. This however would require a modification of the ModyPoly hardware.


    I must have missed where it said that in both the advertising literature, or the manual. If it could be added to those place I think that would better represent the actual situation. I suffered for a long time (until I registered here to ask) before knowing this ‘normal’ operation.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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