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    Hi there,

    I just installed the ModyPoly in my Poly 61 and i also did the unison button mod, as well as adding attack and decay parameters from this:

    (Attack + Decay)

    (Cutoff + Res)
    http://voiceofsaturn.blogspot.com/2008/ … ly-61.html

    I love the results, however, the transformer gets fairly hot if switched on for 1h+ and i can smell dust…
    Im not sure why this is happening, any ideas? Im taking the -15 and +15 from the resister and diodes south of the transformer labelled on the power board.
    Im leaning towards trying purely just the Tubbutec mod and swapping/dismantle the cutoff and res mod from the voice of saturn site- If i did this, would i be able to control the cutoff with the CV injection from both the ModyPoly and a pot?

    Also, i installed the unison button but its not really working… when i switch the synth on the LED comes on like unison is selected, when i switch to POLY the LED goes off and i hear a change but i cannot get back to unison using the button.. This possibly tells me the button is broken but does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Thank you in advance, sorry for the long questions, any help and advice would be much appreciated as i dont want my synth to blow up


    the pots you connected should not draw very much current. Which value are these? I think we used 10k or 100k and this was fine.
    Are you certain the POly61 power supply was not as warm before?



    Yeah all 4 of the pots are B100k, im certain the transformer did not heat up before this mod. Perhaps it is a combination of the two mods/taking +5 and +15 from different places which causes this issue? Any other ideas? Perhaps because i have taken the +5 and GND from the arp board this is causing the issue with the unison button? Any thoughts would be appreciated


    very hard to tell from here. ModyPoly does not draw much current.
    Maybe you have a short somewhere?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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