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    Hi, I am seeing some glitches in the CV output of my uTune. It does not happen all the time, but it does happen many times during any run.

    Here is what I mean: I will hear a pitch “yodel” between two adjacent values, and when this happens, I can see it changing rapidly on the status page. For example, one of the channel will rapidly switch back and forth between 5 and 6. I am in free-running mode (CV in only, no gate input).

    I am getting the CV input from the CV output of a Make Noise Rene. If I take the CV output from the Rene and bypass the uTune so that I’m using the un-quantized values, I do not observe this glitching, which is why I believe that it is happening in the uTune.

    Is this perhaps a calibration issue? What is the procedure to calibrate the uTune with firmware 1.11 and HW 18?


    Some further evidence. I compared the Rene output CV to the uTune output CV on the corresponding channel by running them both through a scope (O’Toole+). I observed that when the uTune output glitched, the Rene output remained steady.


    Hi, thanks for reporting.
    this might be an issue with the beta firmware 1.11
    1.12 is out know, maybe yu give it a try (still beta with bugs)
    Or of course you go back to a stable version like 1.05


    Thanks, I will try 1.12 tonight and report back. (I was never able to get 1.05 to work properly.)


    Woo-hoo!!! FW 1.12 has solved the MIDI problems I was having — the module no longer locks up, and I’m finally getting proper MIDI output! Very happy about this, as now I can ditch the Doepfer A-192-2 and free up space for another module.

    The glitching also seems to be gone, but I’m not 100% sure yet because it’s intermittent. So I will continue to let things run and keep an eye on it.

    Thanks very much for the update!


    thanks for reporting, if you find bugs in 1.12 please let us know. We are working towards a release version and every report is welcome.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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