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    I bought a modysix awhile ago before the modypoly came out, and installed it in my ‘polysexed’ P6. I’m noticing hanging notes in the 2/3 voice stack modes, and I can’t figure out why. I tried to update the firmware using the app from the tubbutec website and my midisport uno interface, but I can’t get the updater to recognize my P6. I’ve checked the midi in and out jacks and confirmed they’re both working fine, but just can’t get the updater to app to connect. Is there a way to update using something other than the updater app like a sysex dump or something? I’m pretty sure I bought the very first Modysix run, but I didn’t install it until more recently. Am I just going to be forced to buy the modypoly to fix the problem? Thank for any help!


    Hi Maxwell,

    I don’t know why the updater would not work for you, but of course no need to buy a ModyPoly.
    Which error message do you get from the updater? Are you sure you connected both, midi in and output?

    If all fails, we can update the firmware for you at any time.


    Finally managed to sort out my problem using a different USB>Midi interface. I found the midisport uno does not work with the modysix updater.


    Hi, thanks for letting us know.

    The Modysix updater is incompatible with a couple of usb midi interfaces, more specifically ones that divide a large sysex stream into several smaller ones.
    This has been fixed in the ModyPoly, but unfortunately can not be fixed in the Modysix, because the bootloader can not be updated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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