ModyPoly Unison Detune for “fatter” sound on Poly6

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    Hey Tobias,
    I understand your reasoning as to why a “fatter” unison using detune is not available on the Poly61 using ModyPoly:

    . . . due to the Poly-61 beeing DCO based there is no detuning between the six voices . . . Even though it does not make sense to use 2 voice and 3 voice modes with a DCO based synthesizer (you just get less voices, but not the advantage of a ‘fatter’ sound), the extended unison mode offered by the ModyPoly might be interesting for some users for its emulation of classic monophonic synthesizers.
    Perhaps I misunderstand something, but it seems to me that you’ve overcome this DCO unison detune issue with the Juno66 mod, and so I wonder if you think it would be possible in future to do the same for the ModyPoly and the Poly61?




    it was possible to introduce a “detuning” parameter in the Juno-66 because it is possible to access the DCO dividers directly from the CPU that is replaced.

    Not so in the Poly-61 unfortunately. Control of the DCO dividers would involve quite a bit of extra hardware. There are currently no plans to develop such a thing, but will keep it in mind…


    Thanks for the quick and detailed response – I figured there must be some reason you couldn’t do the Poly61 unison detune . . . bummer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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