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    Hi people

    I don’t know i am the only one who is a bit confused around the pitchbend installation of the modypoly, but I have received just one 1k resistor and one 100nF (ceramic) cap, but in the manual it states 1.8k and 3.3uF electrolytic .. plus the picture given is showing three resistors.. so, looking at the picture from the installation manual on page 6 ( … noPoly.pdf) – and yes, i know the caption says filter, but so does the other picture and this is definitely not the filter part. I think it comes from having copypasted the LaTeX code for the image..

    Anyway, is this correct:

    1) put a 3.3uF electro cap on pins 1 and 2 on IC2 – ie. it’s a feedback cap on the opamp
    2) install the three resistors as shown in the picture, ie:
    – 11.5k across VR2 as is shown clearly on the pic
    – 1.8 k from R16 to the red cable coming from the tubbutec IC
    – 10.7 k from same resistor to VR4, but which leg? (left one from the perspective of the picture it looks like)..

    What does the tolerance need to be on the resistors? 1% or is 5% ok? I imagine 1% would be good..

    Hopefully someone can clear it up. Thank you


    Hi Istel,

    we include this 1k+100nF in every kit. There are a few cases where this is needed as extra filtering for the filter control.
    Traditionally you’d have to order the pitch bend parts seperately, recently we changed practises and include it automatically if you order a ModyPoly:version Mono/Poly.
    I don’t know when you ordered, but in any case we can send you the parts. Just let us know.

    Thanks for the remark about the image caption, will fix this.

    the correct picture for pitch bend control is the last one on page 6.
    1) and 2) are correct, yes it is the left leg.
    I doubt you can get these values in 5%, but yes they are supposed to be 1%


    Thank you for your response. I now understand a bit better.. Would be a great help if you could send me the components. I will send you an email on mail at tubbutec dot de


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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