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    I recently had my local repair guy install the Juno-66. everything seems to be fine, except now im trying to save a polychord, and it’s not saving?! i want to have different chords on different keys, and im following what the manual says…

    maybe i need to have the Key Transpose button off when i start? or on? not sure why they aren’t saving? help! we’re not worthy


    It does not matter if the KEy transpose button is on or off, just that you press it for a while. if however the key has a hardware problem this is of course an issue.
    Does the key work normally top select the various play modes? If not there is likely a broken trace on your panel board, or the switch is worn – both are common issues with Junos


    hi, thank you, yes – i do believe it is working (it just came back from the shop, and he would have noticed) – but it makes the lights go brighter or dimmer when i press it, and also the different play modes are there – duo, poly, etc.

    when i hold it down for several seconds it starts blinking, but nothing happens when i am trying to save it! can i send you a demo video of me trying to do it? maybe you can correct my process?



    so, to clarify, the KEY TRANSPOSE button is working, but the save chord function is still not working…


    Not sure if this is a user error or hardware error

    Yes you can send us a video of course.

    Is chord memory (not polychord) working for you?

    The fact that the lights get dimmer indicates a possible hardware fault..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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