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    Hi all

    until now i have used a nanoKontrol2 via USB/PC to control the Juno-66. All good so far.

    Now I’m looking for a smart way to directly connect the nanoKontrol2 to the Juno-66 Midi-in without the need for a PC. As far as i understand, some kind of a USB Host would be needed, offering USB und DIN5 Midi Interfaces. Potentially something like:

    https://kentonuk.com/product/midi-usb-host-mkii/ or
    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail … i-expander
    I would prefer a smaller and a less expensive box. I was thinking about building something based on an Arduino board or use something like this as a base: https://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/usb-host … -board-v24

    As I might not be the first one thinking about directly connecting a nanoKontrol2 to the Juno-66, I’d like to ask which solutions you came up with, which products/solutions you have made good experiences or bad experiences with? Any feedback, input, hint is very appreciated.

    Thankt a lot and happy new year!


    if you have a Eurorack case, we can only recommend our USB Bridge A for this:

    With an inexpensive adapter cable from TRS midi to DIN midi, you can directly connect the Juno and the nanoKontrol

    Don’t have any experience with the other solutions though

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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