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    I had the Juno-66 installed in my Juno-60 last fall, and he also installed the MIDI plate on the back of the synth so i could plug in midi cables.

    so im curious about this, because, when i plug in a midi cable, and send a midi note (within the allowed range) it doesn’t play. I’ve done everything in the manual, and i have a question as to how to select a preset from the config menu – do i just press the key once and it will select that preset? for example, i press down the C note, and that should activate “Midi in”? i also pressed down channel 1 note, and then hit “Key Transpose” again, to leave the config menu… not sure if i’m missing a step?

    or i’m wondering if there is an issue with the MIDI plate in the back? and wondering if there is a way to even test if that works…

    any help would be great, thanks!



    Hi Peter,

    in the config menu, you first press the key for MIDI IN CHANNEL, then you press the keys to define which channel (OMNI, or 1..16)

    provided you are sending on the correct channel, Juno-66 should certainly play the notes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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