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    Hi tobias, i am really looking forward to ordering your ju 66 retrofit for my juno 6.
    i have just read the user manual and the faq on your website, if its possible, i would just like to ask a few questions if thats cool?

    in the manual it says that the filter has midi control. i was wondering if, firstly does the original cpu have any sort of digital control over the filter on my juno 6? as i really like it the way it is an i would really like to keep it as it is if possible as i dont notice any kind of stepping or anything… it just sounds perfect to me.
    secondly, if the original cpu does not have any control over the filter, is it possible for your kit to omit any kind of control over the filter?

    i love the demo you have put up of it in action. it really sounds ace, i especially love the different play modes.

    anyway, keep up the amazing work

    all the best



    [took the liberty of moving your question to a new thread]

    The original Juno-6 CPU does not have any control over the filter, the filter control is completely analogue.

    The filter control of the Juno-66 is completely additional to the existing circuitry and does not change the behaviour of the filter as long as you do not change it via midi, activate the second ADSR or one of the Juno-66 built in LFOs.

    If you like you can omit soldering the orange filter control wire when installing the Juno-66, but I recommend soldering it as it gives you quite a few more features.


    OK just so I understand this 100%.

    Assuming the Tubbutec 66 is installed as directed (all wires soldered in) on a Juno 6, if I use the filter via the slider, it will still be smooth and analog. However, if I choose to control the filter via midi, it may be more “steppy?”



    Yes, this is correct.

    midi controller values only have a resolution of 128 steps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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