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    Im a very happy user of an upgraded Juno6 with Tubbec Juno66 . Im testing the new features and im suprised when power on the juno with MONO A mode (aka UP&DOWN)… The sound is different, like with more volume (voices more overlapped) and a slightly sweet distorted Amazing!! . When i change the play mode to any mode and back to the MONO A, sounds like it should be (slightly more detuned):eek: . The “accidental?” mode works with SH LFO, second LFO and second ADSR. Only change if i touch any parameter related with detuning or fatness. Maybe the original unison test of Juno??. Anyway this mode sounds amazing and very deep sounding.
    My question is : Bad installation or a very useable “bug”?? . Im wondering that is a bug (if that is) and in future upgrades , implement it as new unsion mode… .

    Excuse me for my horrible english and i hope you understand . I also hope that it will help for future developments. This Juno66 upgrade is awesome!!!





    will check this in my Juno-66 and let you know..

    Have fun with your Juno-66 !


    Could not reproduce this, maybe you can upload a sound file?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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