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    I recently bought a Juno-6 with the tubbutec mod.

    I have 2 questions about the factory reset function.

    first question:
    what does it reset? all settings? so that it would be like the tubbutec mod was never installed?

    second question is how to do it, I seem to have problems with it:
    according to the manual, I hold the KEY TRANSPOSE button until its led starts blinking. this works, I then let loose of the key transpose button, it keeps blinking. then without holding the key transpose button, I press the highest note on the keyboard (C5) and hold it for a few seconds. Nothing happens.

    The manual says: ‘When the HOLD led starts blinking again, factory reset is finished.’ However, the hold button wasn’t blinking in the first place, so how an it blink ‘again’?

    how to check if the reset was successful? or is this a bug?

    thanks in advance!



    you are doing everything correctly and the firmware is resetting. There is a mistake in the user manual, it should read: When the TRANSOPSE Led starts blinking again, the reset is finished.
    This can take very little time depending on how many parameters were not at default.

    The reset sets all parameters to their default settings. (usually 0).


    Ah that explains it, thanks!

    however, when I enter the config menu by pressing the key transpose untill it blinks, it doesnt stop blinking. so how to check if the reset is complete?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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