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    Hi there, I just installed the Tubbutec mod on my Juno 60. Everything seems to work correctly besides the arpeggiator. I can play the sequence of notes correctly, A, C, E, F, E, C. When I play the sequence back by holding down the same “A” key, the sequence will start in a different pitch. This happens with any sequence that I perform, it doesn’t matter what the sequence is. The playback plays different notes. The note intervals will be correct but the pitch or “key of the sequence” is incorrect.

    What could this be? How can I fix it? I tried factory reset, and reseating the Tubbutec chip but still it doesn’t fix the problem.


    Sounds like you are not using the arp, but in fact the sequencer. is this assumption correct?

    If so: press the C key. It is the middle note for transpose, no matter with which note the sequence starts.


    yes, you are correct it is the sequencer. When more time with the synthesizer I have figured out how it is behaving.

    1.) If I start the sequence at “Middle C” and then I play back the sequence, by pressing “middle C” its sounds correct. Here is an example of the sequence.
    -middle C, D, E, D.
    When I play middle C it will repeat that EXACTLY, starting with the middle C tone. If I hit a “G” key, the sequence will play G, A, B, A. All of that sounds correct to me.

    2. If I start the sequence at C# (a half step above middle C) Example: C#, D#, F, D#, the sequence will play back a half step above the key I press. If I were to press C# after recording the C#, D#, F, D# sequence, it will play back, D,E, F#, D. The intervals are correct but it is a half step higher than what it should be.

    3. If I start a sequence at the C, that is an octave lower than middle C, the playback sequence will be an octave lower than the recorded sequence.

    Do you get what I am saying? I know it sounds confusing but it seems like the sequence ONLY plays back correctly if I start the sequence at middle C.

    I thought that if you input A, C, E, C, in the sequencer and play it back, it should still play A, C, E, C exactly.

    What can I do to fix this? Am I misunderstanding anything? Does it seem like it is working properly? Maybe it is.


    Yes. it behaves exactly as it should!

    It does not matter which is the first note in your sequence.

    The sequence will always be transposed relative to the middle C. So if you press the middle C, you will always get your sequence in the correct pitch. Press the C one octave higher and you transpose the sequence by on e octave.

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