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    I have the Filter mod hooked up to my Juno-60 but midi control does not have much range. When the control on my Juno is low, midi control doesn’t add much beyond what the slider would move 1/5 of travel.

    Can any resistors be added, taken away to increase the voltage of the control?

    The Tubutec LFO, ENV and S&H seems to have a bit stronger effect but not much.

    Thanks, Dan


    Hi Dan,

    you can increase the filter range by swapping a smd resistor on the bottom of the Juno-66 board.

    The resistor is a 060 type with a value of 100k. A smaller value will increase the filter range. If you decrease it by a factor, you should increase the capacitor at the filter cable by the same amount.
    If you do not have the right tools, swapping a smd resistor is not easy, so be careful.

    I will see if this modification can be made default for the next production run


    Thanks for the reply!

    I definitely don’t have experience nor wish to risk damage to the CPU by trying to remove and replace that SMD resistor.

    Could it be bridged with a small wire resistor or straight over? What about down the line with the resistor on the PCB at the filter control?



    Yes, you could bridge it with a resistor. Bridging it with 100k will half the total value for example


    We now ship Juno-66 with an increased filter range. Here is a manual on how to perform this modification yourself:

    https://tubbutec.de/blog/increased-filt … r-juno-66/


    I just performed this mod myself and it has made all the difference. It wasn’t easy soldering a through-hole resister in parallel with the tiny SMD one, but I got it done. Now MIDI CC to VCF Freq has full range control and I can finally use new VCF Envelope! Thanks for providing the clear instructions!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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