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    Does µTune have a setting such that the scale used for quantizing the CV in is not based on a previously saved/selected scale but instead based only on the incoming polyphonic midi chord?

    An example setup is that you could have a CV sequencer like Make Noise Rene generating a sequence in C Major, going into µTune CV input. Then from your Midi keyboard you could quantize/transpose the sequence with one of the following techniques:

    A) Play 1 note (D) to transpose the sequence to D Major.
    B) Play 3 notes (D, F, A) and the sequence is quantized to only use those three notes of the D-minor chord.
    C) Play 2 notes (D & F) and µTune determines the lowest note (D) is the root and with the additional F note the sequence is quantized to the D *minor* key.
    D) Play anything on the midi keyboard, and the quantizer figures out which key you’re playing in an quantizes CV input to that key.

    Which of those options are supported by µTune ?


    I don’t think the uTune is what you are looking for. I’m not sure if there is something out there that does what you describe, but it sounds like you want to quantize to a seven tone subset of ‘standard’ twelve tone.


    yes. You can play notes via midi and transpose via CV, or play via CV and transpose via midi.
    Both functions are essentially the same as the note numbers from midi and CV are added. You can activate this using ‘transpose’ as CV-in function.

    µTune does (currently) not process chords. Quantizing to pressed midi notes is a good idea and I am putting it on the Todo list. Auto-generating chords on the other hand is imho more something for a strictly 12TET based module.


    Did µTune ever get the ability to control the notes by which incoming CV is quantized by MIDI? This is what I currently do with another few modules, but I’m looking to optimize my setup and it seems like µTune could possibly do this:

    1. I have a MIDI sequencer that allows me to loop things like melodies or chords
    2. I sequence a looping chord progression over 2 measures, let’s say C minor (C-Eb-G), then D minor (D-F-A)
    3. That MIDI goes into the quantizer, which, instead of being set to a specific scale via the module’s settings (eg. C minor, which would be all the notes in the C minor scale), specifically uses only the notes in the currently playing MIDI chord (C-Eb-G or D-F-A, depending on where in the loop it is)
    4. Random CV goes into the quantizer, which, depending on the currently playing MIDI chord, will quantize the note to C, Eb, G, D, F or A (but no other notes, because no other notes are being played via MIDI)
    5. A gate sequence goes into a Sample & Hold, placed after the quantizer’s quantized CV output, to sample the quantized note at the time the gate is triggered

    Right now, I do this with a MIDI looper, a 4-channel MIDI-controlled quantizer and a 4-channel Sample & Hold module, along with 4 random CV sources and a 4-channel gate sequencer. It would be _amazing_ if µTune could do the MIDI quantizer part and use the CV + gate inputs to S&H the quantized CV.

    Is it possible for µTune to do this?

    Thanks so much!


    To be clear, I’m not asking that µTune figure out what key you’re playing by analyzing the incoming MIDI notes. I’m just asking that it set the possible valid notes to be output as quantized to the currently playing MIDI notes (it could be one note, or if multiple notes are being held, it could be multiple notes)


    This feature – controlling scale masks with a midi keyboard – has been requested before and is on the todo list.


    hey i just wanted to quickly bump this feature request – midi controlled scale masks would be incredible!

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