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Ok, got some free time today, quick update. Checked all the wiring, and everything’s going to where it is supposed to. Continuity on all connections is good. But you’re right, there’s continuity between some of the connections.

On one or two of the adjacent connections, there’s minor connections, up to half of full connection. Only one or two adjacent connections show full connectivity. I’m guessing it is only these I need to fix, yes?

The chip that I was concerned about seems to have lots of things fully connected, and that’s the one I spilled a lot of extra solder on the connections. I’ll get wick and solder pump and clean that all off, hopefully that fixes things.

Just seeing what works on the front panel, it does seem some things work fine, and when I do hear sound, it sounds awesome and layered. Quite psyched, more as soon as I get wick and a pump and see if I can get this all working. Thanks!