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I’d noticed the same thing about chord modes. Glad to hear he’s planning to add that at some point.

stromcat wrote:
OK, I’ve installed mine and got it up and running.

I had a few install issues you might want to be aware of – namely the little Tubbutec MIDI panel which I bought additionally didn’t really fit properly, as in, it’s coated with a sort of dipped plastic which my original Juno DCB panel screws refused to tap into, so I couldn’t use the original screws as advised. Luckily I had some (silver) wood tapping screws which worked. Also the top of the panel is internally butted right up against the big screws that hold on the DCB protector bar, so much so that in the end I had to shave off dipped plastic from the top of the MIDI panel to try and get it to line up with the screw holes properly. In the end it’s in, not perfect looking but then again I would be an idiot to ever sell my Juno, so who cares. Tobias hasn’t seen this issue yet, and it’s entirely possible that certain Junos have slightly different screws fitted, and I was unlucky.

With it up and running I was playing around – it’s bizarre and amazing to hear it doing mad unison sounds. The sequencer is pretty wonderful also. One initial let-down thing I didn’t realise was the way Chord mode is currently implemented – the voices entirely reset every time you press down a key. So if you’re doing two note chords for example, you can’t press three keys and hear them all beautifully fade into one another. They reset the whole voice structure each press.

I spoke to Tobias and he said this was intentional, based on ‘classic chord mode’ implementation, but I believe the plan is to make it available for the voices to ring out properly in a future update…I wouldn’t want it any other way personally, but then again I generally have release set to maximum most of the time!