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I did mine this weekend. I really wanted to try to preserve everything so I could revert it back to its original state if I ever wanted or needed to. So I desoldered the CPU chip. It wasn’t for the faint of heart. It took quite a while and what finally worked was using a desoldering pump and an IC removal tool, but even that took quite a while.

Everything else went pretty smoothly except I’m getting some odd behavior with the LEDs on the front panel when I press the Key Transpose button. Sometimes it’s LED doesn’t light up, sometimes it automatically lights up the Hold button’s LED as well. Also makes the other LEDs on the panel, such as the waveforms, flicker. Thinking maybe it’s a sketchy connection with the components I added there but wondering if anyone else sees this.

Also now when I first power the Juno up it makes a sound right away, as if the gate is being triggered by powering it on. It’s always the same note being played too. Curious if anyone else runs into this as well.

Otherwise it’s working great. Love it.