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Figures wrote:
this looks awesome, anyone installed one yet? was it easy or not? I have a Juno 6 which I love but this looks to take it to a new level.
OK I’ve started with mine. Just some initial feedback to echo other person above – TL:DR = cut the CPU’s legs. Don’t bother trying to preserve it, you’ll only waste time and potentially damage the traces on your PCB trying to wiggle it off.

With a Juno 60 open, you can unscrew the two cable ties and 6 (or so) screws on the main voice board, and then turn it upside down to get access to the underside of the board without unclipping/unwiring anything at all.

Desoldering is quite easy using braid. I was trying to desolder and keep the CPU intact, which I wouldn’t recommend doing. I was just mashing the braid against the solder blob, apply a bit of heat to the leg and braid, and in a second you see the solder flow and wick into the braid. So far so good.

I did this for all 40 pins, but the problem was that in the end the CPU was still stuck in due to residual solder attachment. You are tempted to force the CPU to snap out, but since the potential was to damage the traces on the PCB, I ended up using snips and just cutting the legs off the CPU anyway. I should have just done that first.