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Hi, thanks for your reply!

Yes, it does seem odd indeed! I think there must have been some issues already with the 101 – I did give it a cursory check, but maybe a complete ‘overhaul’ prior to the mod might have been called for. Pretty sure the sequencer/arp worked before though, the only issue I did note was a possible need to replace the resonance slider, a dodgy output jack (which I fixed) a dodgy power in jack (which I fixed) and a battery leak (which I fixed, and didn’t appear to affect any ‘control’ traces, just the voices, and it was still ‘on the surface’ rather than ‘into’ the traces)…

Of note is that it appears to work better with the external clock input, but it still wigs out after a while – at least I think so, I’m not 100% au fait with the new functionality TBH!