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the Novamod is completely analogue and personally I would either look at each feature and decide whether I need it, or install all of them to have a future prove 101 suitable for all kind of setups.

None of the Novamods functionality is duplicated by the SH-1oh1.

LFO Clock Input:
Syncing the Arpeggiator and LFO to external drum modules and
sequencers is now possible. As well, interesting feedback loops can be created.
This could theoretically be built into the SH-1oh1 sofware, but not quite with the versatility of the Novamod, as you would only have one input jack (ext clck).
You could sync the LFO to an external source or midi clock. Put this on the feature list.

VCF CV Input:
Just plug in a foot pedal or a CV from a midi converter and your SH-101
will sing!
I’d install it, but if you don’t need it, there is midi filter control in the SH-1oh1….