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edit: changed title as this thread tuned out to be about uniPulse.


there are of course a couple of projects in the pipeline.
The next product – which is currently in production – will be a universal midi interface for analogue drum machines.

Here are some of its features:

-16 Trigger outputs
-Compatible to almost any drum machine, highly customizable
-Full velocity sensitivity
-Outputs positive and/or negative pulses up to 12V
-Velocity can be mapped to pulse length or voltage
-5 different pulse shapes
-4 Gate and clock outputs
-Potentiometer / CV input to control length or voltage of pulses
-Up to 20 simultaneous clock outputs with different midi dividers
-Internal clock multiplier for DIN sync
-Easy to use configuration app
-Very small
-Various midi socket configurations
-Preset database for common drum machines
-Runs off a single supply voltage of 14-20V
Here is a picture of the prototype:

And here is an early version of the configuration software: