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vintagesynthlab wrote:
As for the mainboard (CPU board), many of them have the original PCB and are still in good working order. And many of them are still fixable… I have fixed several CPU mainboards and have never had one fail on me. Of course you will still find some CPU mainboards that are beyond repair.
Ok, I’m drifting slightly off-topic but I was wondering if you guys had a minute or two to shed some light on this.

I just managed to find and purchase a very nice, clean Polysix (to which I’m going to install the Tubbutec upgrade soon) – found a pretty good deal on it, too.

There had been no battery leakage to speak of but a previous owner (not the one I bought it from, but the one before him) had replaced the original Ni-Cd battery with another Ni-Cd battery – instead of, say, replacing it with a battery holder and a lithium battery (while disabling the recharging unit).

The owner guessed it “might be a good idea to maybe replace a new one, since it’s already been ages since it was last replaced by the previous guy” but he didn’t really know whether this is needed or not.

What do you reckon, is this something I should get out of the way first or is it safe to still keep the existing battery in there – as I don’t really know whether the leakage issue arises because of that particular bad Varta-battery, or simply the fact that they chose to use a Ni-Cd battery instead of a lithium one.

I’m under the general impression these sorts of problems can happen more often with Ni-Cads but I’m not really sure, as I’ve never dealt with replacing batteries before. It’s not really a problem for me to replace it with a new one, just don’t want to do it unnecessarily, if it’s not something that’s actually needed.

Prior to purchasing, he had emailed me these pics of the guts:

Picture file

Picture file