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OH! I didn’t realize I needed “auto” to be selected in order to get the glide function on the sequencer. Thanks!

The bleed always sounds like it’s coming from the RANDOM waveform, but I can have the LFO set to any wave form and it will still occur.

Here’s a link to a short passage. In the release of any of the notes you can clearly hear the “hashing” noise floor, which seems to be some kind of signal coming from the RANDOM waveform. It seems to be present only above 2.6k, so it’s mostly obvious on warm tones and bass tones. That just happens to be what I mostly use my SH101 for.

(I also included a version of the recording with a 9db boosted high shelf at 2.6k to exaggerate the issues so you can better hear it) … tall-noise

I’ve had issues with noise in the past, but I don’t recall it being so distracting. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the random wave form that was bleeding before, though I’d have to re-install the original chip to be sure.

I’m curious if there’s any options for taming or filtering the noise bleed based on the CPU, as it seems to be effected by which CPU is installed.

Perhaps someone knows of a way to mod the SH101 to reduce the noise/bleed in general? I’d certainly be very interested in that, even before I got the 1OH1 mod.