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yes, if you want to add a midi through socket, you need to install an additional buffer and two resistors.

Have a look at this drawing, which I stole from [1]:

Here two inverters are used instead of a buffer. The input of the buffer/inverters are connected to the output pin of the optocoupler. In Case of the Juno-66, this is Pin 5 of the CNY-17 on the underside of the board. The part is pretty large (2.54mm pitch), so soldering a wire to it should be relatively simple.

I have not come accross a Kenton install so far, but I am assuming you can remove it and have the Juno back in the original condition. This means installing the Juno-66 is not a problem.
If you are unsure, post some pictures here (Kenton do not publish installation manuals, so it is impossible to tell if modifications were performed during the installation.

[1] … s/h10d.htm