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a. make euro module with 16 mini jacks. add two d-subs on CR8000 and one d-sub on my FR3. make three multicore cables having 8 mini jacks on one end and male d.sub on the other end. advantage here is full flexibility in what gets routed where. a single unipulse for a combined setup of two drum machines and few euro synthesized drums. disadvantage: price of jacks, dealing with patching unpatchin on euro panel end.
Also: you won’t be able to use both machines at once

b. just build the unipulse inside CR8000. add d-sub trigger output that doubles whatever unipulse is playing. and make a d-sub into multicore cable with jacks on the other end. so i can feed this to other machines or modules.
Not a prefect solution either because the pulse polarity might differ. The CR8000 for example needs positive pulses on some of the trigger points I marked, negative ones on others. So this might be incompatible with the other machines you are connecting to it (like FR-3). Sending pulses with the wrong polarity to a machine _might_ (unlikely) even damage it.

Personally I like to install 1 uniPulse / machine because the hole you need to drill is much smaller and round instead of fitting a bulky SUBD connector. You may want to consider using VGA connectors. They have 15 pins and are relatively small. You can even use the shield as GND and get GND + 15 trigger signals.
Industrial round multi pin connectors look great but are quite expensive.

is there a point in sending one uni trig to accent pin?
or not, given we have velocity now ?
Not needed because of velocity