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tubbutec wrote:
Will provide you with a short how to soon..

can a single D-SUB, which has 9 pins, carry 8 trigger signals plus ground

tubbutec wrote:
if i fit the receiving D-SUB on my CR8000 is there anything i need btwn that and the trigger pins on the drum machine PCB ? – i seem to recall when ppl were fitting trigger inputs on some machines, like 9090 etc, there was some talk about transistors, diodes… like a small circuit that governs the trigger in,,
No additional parts are needed in my opinion. Here are schematics marked with which I believe to be working trigger points.
that simplifies things a lot. thanks a lot for marking them.

all of this has pointed one obvious oversight on my part.. the CR8000 on its own needs 14 triggers to cover everything. this changes things, because one D-SUB is not enough to transfer it. either two D-SUBs, or one DB25. which leads me to rethink the whole euro idea.

i could do one of two things (hope im not boring you, but as you hinted maybe this could be beneficial to other ppl in the end):

a. make euro module with 16 mini jacks. add two d-subs on CR8000 and one d-sub on my FR3. make three multicore cables having 8 mini jacks on one end and male d.sub on the other end. advantage here is full flexibility in what gets routed where. a single unipulse for a combined setup of two drum machines and few euro synthesized drums. disadvantage: price of jacks, dealing with patching unpatchin on euro panel end.

b. just build the unipulse inside CR8000. add d-sub trigger output that doubles whatever unipulse is playing. and make a d-sub into multicore cable with jacks on the other end. so i can feed this to other machines or modules.

what do you think?

and i forgot: is there a point in sending one uni trig to accent pin?
or not, given we have velocity now ?

tubbutec wrote:
If you have this installed and working I would be very happy about pictures of the trigger points so I can write a short how-to
of course, i’ll make sure to get all documented. as things stand, the second uni i bought is going into my bandmate’s KR-55. and i see you covered that one already