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tubbutec wrote:

first of all: thanks for ordering

both your ideas are good and will work. I do know of some people who have used it this way and they are happy with the results.

about power; it says on the site: “Runs off a single supply voltage between +15 and +25V, generates negative voltage internally” – can i add something to adapt it to run on euro +/-12V?
Not that easily. You’d have to remove a SMD part on the unipulse board and solder a wire to a pad on the board. If you believe you can do that I can provide further infos. Unfortunately your order is already shipped..
hello, thank you for your reply. our wiggler Horstronic will be doing this work for me, and he is at home with SMT, so by all means i’d love to know what needs to be done. if any more in depth explanation is needed i could route him to ask you directly of course.

also, i wanted to ask few things about my multi-connector idea:

* can a single D-SUB, which has 9 pins, carry 8 trigger signals plus ground, or do i need separate ground for each trigger, meaning a DB25 to carry 8 triggers?

* if i fit the receiving D-SUB on my CR8000 is there anything i need btwn that and the trigger pins on the drum machine PCB ? – i seem to recall when ppl were fitting trigger inputs on some machines, like 9090 etc, there was some talk about transistors, diodes… like a small circuit that governs the trigger in,,

* finally, would UniPulse outputs work with euro modules, like hex inverter, tiptop etc,,, triggering envelopes, function generators. and can i save different setups for the UniPulse on my computer, so i have ready made templates depending what i’m connecting to it?

thanks, and sorry for the barrage of questions. i’m all ideas, but electronic practice is not my area. glad the Unipulses are on their way