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tubbutec wrote:

first of all: I am surprised you could not get the sequencer working, because if you use it like the original sequencer it should already work. What exactly did not work? can you be more specific?
I was trying to use the sequencer as usual and it wasn’t playing back. I would load the sequence then hit play and nothing.

tubbutec wrote:
The noise after firmware reset puzzles me even more: Does it only play the noise now, or do you also hear the waveforms?
Before the factory reset there was no buzz but the buzz is persistent since then. I hear the sound of the 101 coming out but whenever a key is hit a high pitch noise comes out of the speakers. The noise is the same frequency no matter what key is pressed or what setting is dialed. I tested with new cable direct to mixer and with headphones and the high frequency buzz is always there. When no keys are pressed I don’t hear the noise. It only happens when a key is pressed.

tubbutec wrote:
I am also wondering if switched on tested this after they installed it? Maybe you can talk to them if they had any issues? Never heard anything remotely like this before.
I checked with them and they tested after the install. I can take it back to them but this wasn’t an issue before I did the factory reset.

tubbutec wrote:
What you could try to do, just because it *might* help: Perform a firmware update to the newest version:
Let me know the best steps to get my 101 sounding right. If it makes sense to update firmware I’m happy to. I look forward to your reply!

goldplate wrote:
Maybe it’s a MIDI loop? Did you experiment the issue without any MIDI cable connected?
Yes, thanks.