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I was not able to get to this until today. I D/L the new firmware and replaced the uTuneFW.ebi file with the new version. I followed the steps and it appeared to successfully load the new firmware and restart. It appeared to boot back up normally, but once I got to the top menu, I had no function. I could turn the knob and press it, click on the back button, the UI remained on the initial menu. I was dead in the water.

I had a backup of my card, so I copied the old uTuneFW.ebi back to the sd card and tried again. Interestingly, it booted up and I could navigate the UI perfectly. I tried updating the firmware to the old version, it restarted and again, everything seemed okay.

I ran through the steps with the new firmware file, and had the same problem as the first try.

Is the firmware update actually updating some on board memory? It seems the existence the new uTuneFW.ebi file, with the new firmware installed has an issue. Is that file needed at startup time? I’m wondering if I did the update and then deleted the file, that everything would then work…

Please let me know if you need any additional info.

Thank you!