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yes, you are correct it is the sequencer. When more time with the synthesizer I have figured out how it is behaving.

1.) If I start the sequence at “Middle C” and then I play back the sequence, by pressing “middle C” its sounds correct. Here is an example of the sequence.
-middle C, D, E, D.
When I play middle C it will repeat that EXACTLY, starting with the middle C tone. If I hit a “G” key, the sequence will play G, A, B, A. All of that sounds correct to me.

2. If I start the sequence at C# (a half step above middle C) Example: C#, D#, F, D#, the sequence will play back a half step above the key I press. If I were to press C# after recording the C#, D#, F, D# sequence, it will play back, D,E, F#, D. The intervals are correct but it is a half step higher than what it should be.

3. If I start a sequence at the C, that is an octave lower than middle C, the playback sequence will be an octave lower than the recorded sequence.

Do you get what I am saying? I know it sounds confusing but it seems like the sequence ONLY plays back correctly if I start the sequence at middle C.

I thought that if you input A, C, E, C, in the sequencer and play it back, it should still play A, C, E, C exactly.

What can I do to fix this? Am I misunderstanding anything? Does it seem like it is working properly? Maybe it is.