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tubbutec wrote:
I will have a closer look at this. It might be a good idea to have different mapping options for CV input and midi.

Some midi keyboards have a transpose function (several octaves up or down). This could help in your case, too..
I was thinking to have separate mapping options for MIDI and CV too, but wasn’t sure if that was possible in the code. If possible, I think that would be a great addition.

As for a MIDI transpose function, that would work too, although my MIDI keyboard has limited MIDI functions – it is a Kawai CS-11, which is a digital piano that is built into the same wooden housing as their acoustic upright piano – it looks just like an acoustic piano. It does have MIDI in/out and some limited MIDI functions since it is digital, after all, but MIDI is simply an extra on this keyboard. I could go in and transpose up or down by only _one_ octave (which doesn’t really solve the problem), but this requires menu-diving, and I would have to go in and change that setting every time I wanted to go back to normal piano playing. There are no transpose buttons on the panel.

Thanks for taking a closer look at this